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06:07:35 AM May 2nd 2015
edited by AgProv
Partial list of songs written for the Blue Öyster Cult: (not sure where this will fit in the article)

LP: Blue Öyster Cult:

  • Baby Ice Dog
  • Teen Archer

LP: Tyranny and Mutation:

LP: Secret Treaties;

  • Career of Evil

LP: Agents of Fortune:

  • Revenge of Vera Gemini
  • Debbie Denise

LP: Spectres:

LP: Mirrors:

LP: Cultosaurus Erectus:

LP: Fire of Unknown Origin:

  • Fire of Unknown Origin

LP: Revolution By Night:

  • Shooting Shark

there are others; I'll have to check them out. Currently away from home and working from memory. have a vague meory Patti co-wrote the lyrics to "joan Crawford".

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