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09:25:17 AM Dec 22nd 2010
I saw this listed in the cutlist as "Not formatted".

Any ideas about how this should be formatted?

(BTW, the BlazBlue pages were going to be filled with Memes, and thus, this page was created to contain them. I'm not much familiar with these, as well.)
01:11:57 PM Dec 22nd 2010
I'm really not sure what the troper in question is complaining about. This looks about the same as all the other meme pages on the wiki.
03:55:36 PM Dec 22nd 2010
Some of the other meme pages have explanations for the memes. Maybe the memes should be explained as well?
08:29:17 PM Dec 22nd 2010
Explanations are needed. To quote the main meme article on formatting:

When adding to one of the subpages, please follow this format. Not everyone knows where a particular meme came from or how it's used. Even if it's potholed.

  • Meme name: description of meme and how it's used.
    • Source of meme and fandom it relates to.
    • Famous instances (such as the Rick Roll during the Thanksgiving parade).
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

Also, I have failed to see many of these "memes" outside the Dustloop or GameFAQs communities.
03:35:37 PM Dec 23rd 2010
In that case, I think it's better to recruit those who are familiar with the game to help with this.
05:36:49 AM Apr 24th 2011
Well, someone who isn't me brought this back. This time we're going to do things by the book, ok?
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