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04:43:06 AM Dec 11th 2012
How would an American TV version of this show work?
01:20:02 AM Jun 25th 2012
I'm thinking of creating a new page for the Live Action version of Liar Game, which includes both the film and the tv series. Where do you think I could put the page on?
05:03:51 PM May 7th 2012
edited by Daikiwixep
Yeah, I added that last paragraph back just to catch your attention so that we could discuss it here. So what's the consensus on including things like forum-game-based Liar Games in the main article? I don't see why the wiki needed to go down unless it adds to clutter here, which I'm sure it doesn't; I also know that is now concluded, not cancelled, and while doesn't appear to be a technical tournament (something interim), it's the now-active one run by the same group.

There were also a few other archived LGT Forum boards, but I didn't include them since they're a bit older and what actually happened in them was impossible to find...although there are still rulesets for the games played given for at some of them. I added the last paragraph since I thought readers would like to see games of deception play out or even join them, and the two examples I included deliberately had at least a couple games with results posted.
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