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01:05:54 AM Jan 15th 2016
Since the net game is running and in full swing now, how should it be incorporated into this page? Should it get a kind of sub-page like "Daily Life with Monster Girl", similar to how Kantai Collection got a secondary page for the anime adaptation, or its own page as "Daily Life With Monster Girl Online"?

And should new characters from the game be added to the series general character page or should they be confined to the game's own character page?
06:19:53 PM Oct 6th 2015
Why don't we have a drinking game page yet? I can already think of three rules:

1) Whenever Papi demonstrates short attention span. Double if it's a major plot point.

2) Whenever Miia says "Darling."

3) Whenever Suu's body proves as a solution.

Naturally, we should have more before we make the page, but I think it's totally possible given how the anime seems to like its running gags.
07:02:42 PM Oct 6th 2015
Done. Very sparse so anything you think of would be appreciated.
04:50:53 PM May 2nd 2015
So is there a reason this isn't listed under its official title? Because the official manga and upcoming anime are titled Monster Musume.
02:48:52 AM May 3rd 2015
English title? We use the English title.
02:17:17 PM Nov 16th 2013
Why the changing of Miia's name to Meer?
10:28:01 PM Nov 16th 2013
edited by
Because a few chapters ago, some poster had her name spelled as "Meer". And the more obnoxious tropers here have to edit every instance of her name to reflect it.

EDIT: And upon conferring in Ask The Tropers, they argee it should be Miia.
12:30:07 PM Nov 17th 2013
No, they agreed that it should be discussed, and that in one troper's opinion, it seems to be leaning towards "Miia". Don't take things out of context to suit your vision/aims.
06:10:33 PM Nov 10th 2013
This manga is listed under the name "Monster Girl Encyclopedia", even though that is a completely different manga by a completely different artist. How do we fix that?
11:02:30 AM Aug 18th 2013
I'm confused about the newest chapter. The monster at the gym refers to herself as a "Kobold", but when I looked it up on google, a kobold is apparently a German leprachaun. In fantasy games they are often protrayed as either rat-people or lizards, but this one looks more like a wolf-woman. Is there something that I'm missing here?
08:36:47 AM Sep 8th 2013
edited by
Best guess? The author mistook Kobold for Gnolls or whatever race Kouga is.
07:53:01 AM Sep 27th 2013
In older versions of Dungeons and Dragons, kobolds were indeed canine. The gym operator is probably a throwback to that, although it could just be that KENKOU-CROSS's original encyclopedia used the older kobolds.
03:47:35 PM Jun 8th 2013
This manga is trash, no bones about it. Nothing but T, A and Moe. Cute, funny, but unshamedly trashy. So why do I read it? I love monsters. I will read any old toot if it parps out an interesting character design now and then.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Monservice.
04:55:50 PM Jan 3rd 2013
edited by MarqFJA
Official notice: Recent spoilers have revealed that Miia's name is actually spelled "Meer". Quit reverting the name-change edits.
02:47:21 PM Jan 4th 2013
edited by KentuckyTroper1990
And the actual chapter still has it spelled as Miia. So it should be labeled as such.

Edit: And has been relabeled as such. The characters still call them by Miia and Suu, so that's what it should be.
07:50:06 PM Jan 4th 2013
If the correct name is Meer then the trope page should reflect that.
03:12:00 AM Jan 5th 2013
I tried telling him that over PM. No dice; he's holding the wiki and the fan-translators' choice of spelling in-chapter like they're some infallible holy scripture, and adamantly refuses to consider a public discussion of the matter. And has the gall to accuse me of allegedly acting like I'm "the God's-All authority" on the manga.
03:09:53 PM Jan 12th 2013
For the love of....

Spell My Name with an "S" much? In any work, the official name must be reflected over all else. You can put the others next to the official name if you have to. Fan translation isn't something to be sought after in a work page.
03:54:27 PM Jan 12th 2013
Could you show us the evidence of the official spelling?
04:08:40 PM Jan 12th 2013
There's a link right up there. If that's the way the author spelled it in romaji, then that's what the names are in romaji. Before that evidence, what the fan-translators wrote was just their best guesses as to an approximation. If they don't decide to go back and change all the instances of character names to the ones presented on that page, then that's their problem, not ours.

In other words: The Japanese author used katakana to approximate these names that he made up for his characters, because that's just how you do it in Japanese. We aren't speaking Japanese on here, so there's no reason for us not to write the names as they are intended to be written. Simple as that.
04:25:04 PM Jan 12th 2013
The show's wiki lists her as Miia. So does Manga Park. If you look here the name change is brought up. As it is here. So we have conflicting spelling of the name, based on a poster that in universe might be wrong. Is Meer spoken in the manga at all?
11:47:56 PM Jan 12th 2013
Why would the poster be wrong? I could see confusion if the author obviously had no idea how language works and the spellings made no sense, but they seem pretty fine to me. I'm not sure what you mean by "Is Meer spoken in the manga at all?" Whenever her name is mentioned, it's ミーア, because, again, that's just how foreign words are used in Japanese. And the show's wiki doesn't mean anything because it's being maintained by what must be something in the vicinity of one person, give or take one.
03:36:41 AM Jan 13th 2013
edited by MarqFJA
Furthurmore, "Meer" does become Miia in katakana — compare "beer" and "fear" which can be transliterated as biia and fiia (among other alternatives, but that's not the point) — and has been used before as a name for a female character at least once (Gundam Seed Destiny's Meer Campbell). Also, the translator's main reason for not using the official spelling"? "“Meer” is a terrible first name for a female" in his opinion; I don't think that's a good enough reason to put his word over Word of God.
12:00:04 PM Jan 13th 2013
edited by Delnoir
Frankly I think we're just making a mountain out of a mole hill. The way I see it we have two options.

  • 1.) Just keep things consistent with the translation because that makes things a hell of a lot more simple.
  • 2.) Go to the "official" spelling and make liberal use of Spell My Name with an "S"

Personally, as the guy who sat down and took the time to make the DLWMG character page in the first place, I don't think one page should completely uproot naming. It's one page. Yes it's official. I get that. But if the translator is sticking with what he used for consistency sake I say we do the same. I mean it's not like we're ever going to get DLWMG officially licensed and have the official translators come in and say "It's this way".

So that's my thought on the matter. I don't think anyone is going to care if we keep with the translation and we're never going to get an official translation for this anyway so phooey to letting one page throw us all into debate and small scale edit wars.

I know that of we go to "official" spelling that when I go to edit I'll probably end up typing "Miia", "Suu", and "Centoria" out of habit. And we'll be stuck keeping up on making sure other people stay consistent then they change their edits back and it becomes one big goddamn mess with small scale edit wars. Frankly I just wish the mods would have responded when I told them about the problem in the first place.
12:53:19 PM Jan 13th 2013
edited by MarqFJA
The translator is not sticking with what he used for consistency, but rather because in his personal opinion, "Meer" is a terrible name choice because it's a male one in India. No, I'm serious. Check the link that I gave above. The only thing that involves consistency is his choice to not use the official spellings for the other girls, and that's more of the "no bias" kind of consistency — as in, "it's not fair that I single out only one character for not using her name's official spelling".

And frankly speaking, Hunter × Hunter is the only anime/manga work I've ever come across here where the non-Japanese-language character names do not use the official spellings, and that one is an exception due to the Mind Screw, oftentimes-unpronounceable nature of so many of those spellings.

IINM, we're supposed to be going for accuracy as much as possible when making work pages, including character names.
11:30:45 PM Jan 13th 2013
He's right. It is a terrible name for a girl and I thought it was a terrible idea when SEED Destiny did it too.

Look. I'm going to try to get a hold of the mods. Again. I don't know why they didn't answer the first time but I've never been one to stop pestering people when I know they can put an end to this.
01:41:34 AM Jan 14th 2013
Other people would dispute that; you can see it on the comments page in that link above.

Yeah, you do that; I already PM'd one as well.
11:07:23 AM Jan 14th 2013
There's no reason to get worked up over this.

Now, given what I've the image on the top a coloured page? A volume cover? Where does it come from?
11:35:35 AM Jan 14th 2013
edited by MarqFJA
Chapter cover. I could get you the complete raw version for double-checking if you wish, but the fan-translated one does not change the all-English poster text (it only switches out the Japanese parts of the cover's text with English translations).
11:48:52 AM Jan 14th 2013
Sure, get me the raws.
03:38:15 PM Jan 14th 2013 last! We're getting somewhere!
04:31:25 AM Jan 15th 2013
edited by MarqFJA
Sent the raws download link to Lu.

EDIT: And finally finished the download. Here's the raw page.
08:07:25 AM Jan 16th 2013
edited by randomer
Speaking as an outsider here...

If you people are so gung-ho over the Word of God of an author whom English is clearly not a strong suit, then why is this series not properly referred to on all of its related pages as "Everyday that there is a monster girls"?

It's in every chapter. It's in the series logo. It's official. It's accurate. The author said so.
08:26:43 AM Jan 16th 2013
My impression is that work titles follow a different set of rules that emphasize comprehensibility in general. I don't exactly know for sure, though.
10:52:16 AM Jan 17th 2013
Alright, looking at the raws, it appears the names are as good as an official source we could get.

While I can see Miia or Suu wouldn't immediately make you think "oh, it's Meer and Sue", there's no excuse for "Centoria" when Centaur is spelled the way it is. It seems like a sloppy translation.

Now, my opinion is that since we have an actual cover to go on, we should stick to the cover and add a %% note. But it really isn't that important, so there's no reason to make a fuss if somebody writes "Miia" or whatever when a chapter comes out. Other pages have problems with inconsistency too, but it's not the end of the world.
01:44:16 PM Jan 17th 2013
edited by MarqFJA
Actually, one of the several possible (and equally-valid) transliterations of "centuar" is sentooru, so Sento(o)ria would be a valid English-to-Japanese transliteration of "Centauria", and thus explain why it was mistaken for "Centoria" instead. (EDIT: Wait, when you said "sloppy translation", are you talking about the author's choice of name spelling versus his chosen pronunciation for the same name, like I thought you were, or the fan-translation?)

And yeah, the spelling issue isn't end-of-the-world problematic if we're merely having a discussion, or it's an example entry on a different page. What would be a considerably more problematic issue (but still not end-of-the-world note ), however, is if someone tries to err on the side of consistency when it comes to the main page or its direct subpages, and gets slammed for it by someone else who refuses to accept the edits for little to no good reason.
01:09:06 AM Jan 18th 2013
So then the verdict is Miia/Meer and Suu/Sue are interchangeable while Centaurea is what we should consistently go with?
05:13:10 AM Jan 18th 2013
I think Lu is voting in favor of all the cover spellings, while noting that we shouldn't make an ant hill out of a mole if someone goes with the previous spellings out of habit or something like that.
02:15:34 PM Nov 16th 2013
The official translation does use Miia so that's probably the one to use.
09:28:40 AM Nov 25th 2012
Do you think we could have a thread on the Anime/Manga subforum to discuss this manga? Or should we play it safe and limit ourselves to discussing it off-site?
10:25:33 AM Nov 25th 2012
There already is a thread. It just hasn't been bumped in a few months.
10:27:28 AM Nov 27th 2012
edited by MarqFJA
Oh? I didn't know that. Same title as the manga, right?

EDIT: Found it.
07:00:04 PM May 15th 2012
For some reason, trying to get the Monstergirl encyclopedia brings me to this page, why is that?
07:07:18 PM May 15th 2012
Because the other pages got cut for being porn, but we redirected them here to preserve inbound links from other sites.

And yes, we all know that they have enough story to stand on their own (well, Monster Girl Quest, anyway. I haven't seen the Encyclopedia itself). Unfortunately, they're still porn, and we're not allowed to have porn on the wiki any more.
05:42:21 AM May 17th 2012
Fair enough, just asking.
10:52:49 PM Aug 19th 2012
Wait what? when did this happen? Why is porn banned suddenly?
01:24:20 AM Aug 20th 2012
Read this. It should bring you up to speed.
06:49:57 PM Sep 17th 2012
OK, that pisses me off. All of it, reallly, but most importantly the redirect thing. It's like finding a flyer for a store advertising candy, and when you go to the store the clerk tells you, "Oh, you came here for the candy? Sorry, we don't carry candy anymore. Our boss decided only freaks and criminals like candy. We do have some nutricious cabbage, though! You like cabbage, right? C'mon, EVERYONE likes cabage! Forget about the candy and have some of this nutricious cabbage! Oh, since you're here, could you hand out these flyers? I know it says we have candy, but that's just to make sure people keep coming. Gotta tell them about our cabbage some-how, eh?"

Seriously, it's dishonest and wrong. I hereby move that we eliminate the redirects.
02:17:36 PM Nov 3rd 2012
I agree. Get rid of Monster Girl Encyclopedia's article if you must, but don't include false redirects to something completely different.
03:50:31 PM Nov 3rd 2012
You can bring it up here. Remember to first do some background reading on why this happened with this work.
02:44:51 PM Dec 28th 2012
This whole "no articles about porn" nonsense is insane. It's not TV Tropes ever had actual explicit images or detailed descriptions of sex acts. Quite possibly the dumbest decision in the site's history.
11:44:10 AM Dec 29th 2012
Please stop complaining. The issue has been discussed to death many, many, many times. If you want, go here and voice your complaints, though I seriously doubt you have anything new to offer.
01:31:23 PM Sep 26th 2013
Honestly the real problem with the redirects are the ones on the site itself; For example, The page for Youkai constantly refers to things from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, but has nothing to do with Daily Life With Monster Girl.

Instead of those examples not redirecting to anything (which happens for a few other explicit series still mentioned on trope pages), they redirect to a work that's only related by "has monster girls, is based on explicit materials".
12:26:10 PM Nov 28th 2013
edited by
Wherever or not Monster Girl Quest was erased because of the rules about porn, that game has NO connection with Daily Life with Monster Girl.

Making a redirect to an unrelated work is both misleading and disappointing to users looking for other things, also is a case of bad praxis, if we were to retire Bleach due to a copyright infringement, would it be ok to redirect that page to, say, Death Note? Both have shinigamis, and that's about the only thing both works share, for unrelated users that would sound like ok, but for fans that would be jarring.

I suggest removing the unrelated redirections, it's just a way to rub the wounds for those who don't know/understand the issue with ads and adult content.
06:02:10 AM May 11th 2012
This needs an index to listed on, doesn't it?
10:18:07 AM May 11th 2012
Well, I put it in the Manga index. Any other indexes this can go in? I'm not familiar with all of them.
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