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01:42:44 PM Dec 24th 2010
How do you go through door 3 before you're supposed to?
10:35:31 AM Dec 26th 2010
edited by Arrow
By choosing to go through door 3 as your second numbered door, instead of 7 or 8. This will automatically railroad you through door 2 as your final door, and thus into the specific ending that always shows up when you end with door 2. (the only ending I'm aware of that depends entirely on door choice, with conversation choices being irrelevant)

If you go through door 7 or 8 second, you'll peek into the shower room of door 3 soon afterwards; that's when you're "supposed" to go through door 3, though this is a plot sequence and doesn't allow you to actually explore all those rooms back there or do any of the puzzles.
11:00:36 PM Dec 26th 2010
Thanks. Good to know.
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