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12:52:36 PM Oct 19th 2013
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04:12:13 PM Mar 15th 2011
Wouldn't Witzig from Time Stranger Kyoko count in this one? I don't have an account, so I can't add it...
10:18:42 AM Nov 12th 2010
It won't let me edit the page (do I have to register? idk).

Anyway, the "Real Life" section should totally include the "walking ghost" phase of radiation poisoning: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biological_timeline_of_radiation_poisoning#.22Walking_Ghost_phase.22
12:16:34 PM Nov 12th 2010
Yes. Just give yourself a name and you'll be good to go.
07:09:46 PM Oct 9th 2010
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Gah, I know this happened in The Dresden Files. It happened to the little Asian martial arts master who was a Knight of the Cross, but I can't remember his name. Or the book. Just that it wasn't revealed until the end, and it was to make Harry feel a little better about the whole Heroic Sacrifice thing.
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