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06:34:10 PM Jul 18th 2015
Ugh this is one of my least favorite tropes because I just hate negative continuity and I think some people should put more attention to detail. Unless it was a running gag that one extra has multiple jobs, but other than that it is just lazy writing
03:35:19 PM May 23rd 2010
MASH - Captain Flagg appeared in one episode as a different character... or... well that might be up for debate... was he Captain Flagg going by a different identity and being slightly more sane at the time, or was he another character???
10:29:34 PM Jul 22nd 2010
Hey, how is this different from And You Were There?
04:14:40 AM Jul 25th 2011
And You Were There happens in story.
06:38:29 AM Nov 1st 2014
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Dragnet - Harry Morgan did appear in the 1940's Dragnet radio program (most notably, as the captain in its first season, a 09/03/49 episode, "Eric Kelby".

Other Dragnet notes: No less an actor than Raymond Burr appeared in some of the early Dragnet radio programs (as Inspector Backstrand). Martin Milner also appeared in a few episodes in the early 50's, as Sergeant Lockwood ("The Big Elevator, from 4/24/52, most memorable).

And Jack Webb was well known for his repertory company of actors, sometimes playing cops one episode, the next time, as the criminal, sometimes, as a witness - Stacy Harris was best known for this on both the radio and both television versions.

Olan Soule - usually a recurring character on all of the Dragnets, as Ray Pinker, crime lab technician (Ray Murray in the 60's TV version), also played other characters - he was a judge in one 60's Dragnet, and a doctor in another. (Bonus - his wife played a nurse in the same episode when Soule appeared as a doctor.)
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