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09:19:11 PM Dec 26th 2011
Deleted the following:

Re: Moonlighting: The fumbling of the Dave/Maddie resolution had as much to do with the 1987 writer's strike scuttling the setup than the actual event (and big ball of "Now what?" that folowed). Besides the fact that the entry, as written, more about Dave/Maddie being an iconic JTS moment than fitting the trope.

Re: Cheers: Again, not so much that Sam/Diane fits - and I would argue that: their Will They/Won't They angle wasn't played up nearly as much as others on this page, and didn't really become a major plot point until Shelly Long decided to leave and they decided to wrap Sam/Diane up. And as for "why you should never, ever, ever under any circumstances resolve a Will They or Won't They? situation". A) They resolved Sam/Rebecca just fine B) they ran for more seasons with Rebecca than they did with Diane. Sort of blows a big, fat hole in that theory, yes?

TL/DL version: If anyone wants to repost, do with with more trope, less JTS natter.
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