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12:19:34 AM Oct 4th 2010
Cut this line:

  • In Inherit the Wind, attorney Henry Drummond tells an All That Glitters warning about a rocking horse he wanted when he was a child. It was far too expensive for his family to get for him, but his father scrimped and saved and managed to purchase the rocking horse for Drummond as a Christmas present. And the first time Drummond got on it to ride, it fell apart from dry rot.

It's a Shaggy Dog Story, not quite this example.
08:09:02 AM Oct 4th 2010
Seems to me like it's a Shaggy Dog Story about Wanting Is Better Than Having, though — Drummond wanted the rocking horse so much that his father worked like crazy to get it for him, but the reality (the dry rot) was completely anticlimactic.
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