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10:19:11 AM Jun 5th 2013
"Although journeymen did often travel around, the name comes from the fact that they were paid by the day (French journée)." Would that also have anything to do with travaille (to work)? It probably isn't, but travaille is also a word with a meaning in a similar field that is mistaken for a synonym of roaming. And that sentence contains the word "travel".
02:40:51 AM Mar 23rd 2011
edited by ThatHuman
  • Lelouch may also count depending on how you interpret the ending.

Removed the above bit about Code Geass cos I'm pretty sure the Sunrise people said that Lelouch is dead and that that bit from the example is just wishful thinking on the part of some viewers.
12:01:01 PM Mar 28th 2012
Pretty sure they left it ambiguous, and one of the people who worked on it considered him dead. The DVD release made it less ambiguous, but didn't override any of the ambiguity that was always there.
09:22:50 PM May 9th 2013
What about “Branded”?
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