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06:07:35 PM Sep 8th 2011
I think a sub-trope would be appropriate for this one, been searching around and this is the closest I've gotten to this trope.

There's another form of "wait here" where the person is just being left behind because what lies ahead is "too dangerous." Sometimes the person being left behind really is a burden, but most often they would actually do the Hero more good than bad if they came along. It might be a Suicide Mission, or maybe it's something He's Got To Do Himself, but whatever the case the Hero tells his ally/allies to stay behind while he (and maybe a couple other badasses) go off to do what ever's too dangerous for the left-behind ally or allies to handle (but it's not really).

Often seen in video games and action/adventure cartoons, be they western or Anime. The Hero says something along the lines of "You can't come, it's too dangerous," or "You'll just slow me down" which he knows isn't true but says in an attempt to discourage them, or sometimes "You can't come, what would happen to ________ if you died?" The most frequent outcomes are either that the left-behind character(s) force the Hero to take them along, or they follow in secret and save the Hero from something.

I could probably start an article for this, but I'm wondering if it's valid as a separate trope or should be included under Wait Here.
08:51:08 PM Mar 6th 2011
I'm confused. Is this for the specific situation outlined in the description (hero tells sidekick to "wait here", sidekick does and is captured/doesn't and is captured) or for the more general "If I'm not back in X minutes" stock phrase?
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