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01:54:44 PM May 26th 2014
Was there any discussion done before Ninjacrat undid the soft split this page had? Otherwise, I think it should be split again.
05:12:48 PM May 26th 2014
Most tropes with multiple subtypes have their examples lumped together like a normal page, and the examples explain which subtype(s) it demonstrates. I probably should have done it like that when I made this trope, because now it looks much less clunky.
10:44:36 AM Oct 17th 2013
Removed the Henotheism link under "God of Gods" because its.... pretty wrong. Henotheism is when someone who is polytheistic only worships one god, and often this has more to do with their position than the power of the gods involved.

For reference; Demeter, greek goddess of the harvest, received a lot more henotheistic worship than Nyx (who was almost exclusively worshiped alongside other gods), goddess of the Night, despite Nyx being powerful enough to scare Zeus.
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