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08:15:55 AM Oct 4th 2013
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I zapped most of the Professional Wrestling section because they weren't examples. Rather than being about someone wearing an outfit that held too many belts, the examples were just saying that a person held a bunch of titles at the same time, which is clearly misuse. It's possible that the wrestlers did at some point wear them all at the same time, but the examples never mentioned that.

However, the remaining ones are a bit tougher. They do mention the wrestlers wearing multiple belts at once, but I don't think the first two should count since they're not part of an outfit or costume, just draped over them for a promo shot. The third, however, where the wrestler is wearing belts as armor certainly counts, however.

11:25:18 AM Oct 4th 2013
Having discussed it in this thread, the first two examples have been cut. The third is still iffy.