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10:54:07 AM Jul 19th 2013
Who removed the line "On Discworld, Necrotelecomnicon reads you"? Mind you, that wasn't a random joke - that powerful magical books, (and Necrotelecomnicon in particular) may start reading the unfortunate reader is directly stated in the books.
09:06:34 AM Oct 21st 2011
The Thousand And One Nights aka Arabian Nights is said to drive to madness anyone who reads the entire work.

Really? Since when? Does this mean I've been mad for years?
11:19:28 PM Dec 6th 2010
Fable series of video games, specifically 2 & 3. Hapless comic relief characters Max and Sam (no relation to Sam and Max) summon up, respectively, a legion of hollowmen, some wraiths, and some ghostly beer.
07:55:57 AM Dec 7th 2010
Why don't you create a wiki handle and edit it yourself?
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