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10:36:31 PM Jan 7th 2013
  • In CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a man and wife are partners in extreme backpacking and survival. Because he didn't want his wife to beat his own time through a course, the man altered her map to make her take a longer way around. This caused her to become trapped in a thunderstorm and drown. Because there was no intent to kill, it was ruled as an accident. Nick Stokes tells that man that what he did wasn't a crime, but it was criminal in his opinion.
    • In that case, the man should have been charged at least involuntary manslaughter. There are laws concerning this sort of thing, and it's a reckless killing like those used in law school tests. You could even get him in most states for Depraved Heart Murder because messing with maps for a desert endurance trip with the minimum amount of supplies is pretty callous.

I figured Nick didn't know that there were applicable laws. As a forensic specialist, it wouldn't be his final call to prosecute anyway. It'd be up to the DA -and they'd have a slam-dunk case. (And Nick's statement isn't binding, any more then any detective's would be. It's up to the lawyers.)

About Nick not knowing: In the US, felonies like first degree murder and forcible rape are all agreed to be horrible and definitely should stay illegal. But when you get into the finer points and the definitions of lesser crimes, things can get really really sticky. Nick may not have realized that the state had a law(s) covering what the perp did.
04:37:40 PM Mar 11th 2010
there should be a law.. That an Employer cannot force you to take vacation time just so they can balance their books
10:32:10 PM Jan 7th 2013
Read Notalwaysright. You'd be surprised what some people get away with.

The really infuriating part? A lot of it is illegal -but it has to be reported for someone to know. And then evidence has to be gathered.

(Thank goodness for smartphones. But in some states, the person has to report first, or they can't legally record someone without their consent.)
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