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11:55:04 AM Jun 1st 2017
Should it be worth mentioning that a story can only have one protagonist, and thus the phrase "main protagonist" is redundant?

I also see some confusion between "protagonist" and "main character," where sometimes their definitions are switched. Should that be addressed too?
04:29:40 PM Jun 1st 2017
edited by MagBas
Please, read the description of the trope(or dictionaries as the wiktionary). "Protagonist" means literally "main character".
02:02:15 PM Apr 28th 2014
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Every antagonist creates their own personal nemesis by transgressing against an innocent person who, by suffering through the antagonism and overcoming it, is reborn as a protagonist.

Ultimately when the strength of the protagonist is pitted against the antagonist in the final act, the protagonist tends to win, not because they were always better than the antagonist, but because the entire story is about the protagonist learning to specifically deal with the antagonist and taking the necessary steps to do so.

There is nothing that can stand between the protagonist and his destiny. The protagonist will surpass all obstacles no matter how large, cross any terrain no matter how vast and weather any storm no matter how tempestuous in order to defeat the antagonist, not because the protagonist has been wronged, but because that is the protagonists role, to defeat the antagonist.

The actions of the antagonist creates the essence of the protagonist and it is this foundation that will be the antagonists undoing,

Even if the antagonist manages to defeat a protagonist before that particular protagonist can become strong enough overcome the antagonism, then the essences that remains within the fallen protagonist will remain so potent that the protagonists spirit or effort can become a guiding light or even quite literally be adsorbed into the protagonists successor, rendering the next protagonist even more adept at dealing with the antagonist.

If the antagonist never antagonised the protagonist in a manner that could be recovered from then the protagonist would not exist to defeat the antagonist, this is not a slight on the antagonists effectiveness to destroy, because the antagonist may be utterly proficient at desolation, however, through circumstances either beyond the antagonists control or caused by a flaw within the antagonist that allows the creation of the protagonist to happen, the protagonist gets created and is allowed to develop.

The protagonist is not just created to defeat the antagonist in every single way but also meant to thwart every plan and every action that the antagonist can concoct.

The mere identification of future antagonism is enough to create a protagonist who will stand against the antagonist and win.

The primary mistake an antagonist makes when dealing with a protagonist; is throwing fodder in the way of the protagonist. A protagonist gains their strength and motivation from dealing with the antagonism that the antagonist provides.

In essence the weakness of all antagonists will be eventually embodied in the protagonist.

If a villain is to be successful, then they must not allow the creation of a protagonist in any way.
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