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04:41:12 PM Mar 19th 2010
"Predators tend not to be the smartest creatures (although smarter than herbivores; it takes even fewer brains to sneak up on a leaf)"

Um, so who does that leave?
06:08:10 AM Mar 20th 2010
It's a typical example of fungal propaganda.
04:35:43 AM Jan 3rd 2011
No really, what does that leave? Or is it omnivores?
12:33:34 PM Jan 7th 2011
edited by TBeholder
Depends on what's it about. Mental abilities are just tools like everything else. For non-specific learning and creativity it "really" takes either a flexible opportunist predator who have to learn and invent tactics as opposed to a specialist; or social one who have to use coordinated tactics more complex than "and now we all jump at it".

Though sometimes even birds considered "heatseekers with feathers" are more foresighted than their owner expect. Humans notice almost exclusively social ones (like canines or Harris hawk) acting "smart" because their behaviour is easier to observe, especially when they aren't picky and include you in a group. =)
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