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09:37:21 PM Apr 5th 2016
I do not think that there should be any references to "Megaverses" or "Omniverses" within this page.

This is a general fiction site, not a specialised one, and the only time a Megaverse has been mentioned is in throwaway references in the Marvel handbook. Certain battleboard communities later made use of it, but it is definitely not a common general term used by lots of different franchises.

Similarly, Omniverse is a word created by Mark Gruenwald that means all of fiction and reality combined, not the definition that was inserted into this page, also from battleboard slang. It also has very little relevance to this particular page.
10:15:58 AM Jun 12th 2013
Regarding the Real Life example, I'm questioning whether the article comes from a legitimate source. The homepage of has articles accusing corporations of fascism, government manipulation of the public, a banner in the top right corner that says "Psychpaths rule the world", advertises for a 9/11 truther book, has a whole section on UFO sightings, and categorizes a video of Alex Jones talking about the Bilderberg group as "Best of the Web". As someone who used to be a conspiracy theorist, it just seems a bit hard to take this website seriously. If this article really is legit, then there must at least be a better source to cite.
09:45:53 AM May 24th 2014
01:10:33 AM May 10th 2010
One thing I would LOVE is if DC and Marvel woke up to the possibility of making all the movies, TV series, animated series, etc. canon by having them just be other parts of the multiverse. Marvel showed this potential with Exiles, but seemed to stick to other comic-only realities. Hell, do it with all other 'verses that this could apply to, too...
06:01:37 PM Dec 31st 2011
Depending on your view of The Multiverse, this is canon. An infinite number of universes means that a version of the DCU or Marvel, along with all fiction, exist out there
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