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04:14:45 AM Sep 21st 2010
edited by Vree
So...Basically it is a state of heightened inspiration? Kind of a natural high?

"Inspired state of mind" exists IRL y'know, this just seems to be the Mad Scientist version.

Still can be a valid trope, but it needs to be better described what it is about.
11:53:04 AM Feb 9th 2011
edited by Discar
The description definitely needs to be improved. Also, isn't Girl Genius the Trope Namer?

EDIT: Rewrote the entire description. Looks better?
09:49:50 PM Sep 20th 2010
edited by AnonymousUser
This is a trope now too?

I really ought to go to YKTTW more often.

Never though you'd trope it, Josieph.
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