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12:59:44 PM Aug 20th 2012
edited by Ostemes
This article is way too negative. Too negative and too sour. Especially the above quote. Articles are supposed as neutral as possible. But the maj of this article leads it to being: People who are born special have angst, angst, angst. While that may be true for some worlds, for others it is not. We really need an above quote that's more neutral or at least positive. Anyone have any ideas. Instead the proper definition of The Gift: in which a character is better then others. This is more like. The Gift Brings Angst or With Great Power Comes Great Angst. This article seems as though having the gift is a bad thing. If there are any positive or neutral people out there. Please make this trope less sour.
01:45:48 PM Jun 14th 2013
edited by
I changed it so that it would be less about The Gift Is Bad and more neutral. If anyone finds any problems or typos, feel free to fix it.
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