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06:23:12 AM May 3rd 2010
The Gambling Addict is self-explanatory. A character who likes a flutter, whether it's a problem or not.
If the word "addict" is used, shouldn't this trope be exclusively for problem cases?
02:43:42 PM May 9th 2010
edited by Richard_W72
As the page creator, I thought of that, but the more obvious / less judgmental "The Gambler" was already in use (albeit for something that seems a bit stupid to me), and "The Habitual Gambler" is a bit pedantic. I guess it depends on the examples added, but I think all those so far would qualify as being problematic anyway, with the possible exception of Mr. Farebrother. I tried to explain why that was a problem in context, though, even if he wasn't strictly addicted.

I was thinking of it as "addict" in the colloquial sense rather than the "real addiction" sense... there must be enough examples where it is a problem, though, so I'll change it.
02:52:48 PM May 9th 2010
... Changed it to mention both problems and habits. You're right, it wasn't meant to be for anybody seen gambling ever, but that was clear enough anyway I think.
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