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11:13:37 AM Nov 11th 2013
This trope has been disambiguated per Trope Repair Shop thread.
09:10:21 AM Sep 7th 2012
edited by Orihime
Not sure of how accurate this description is, since it makes Hungary look far weirder than she seems to be canon. She's odd, yep, but in a way that doesn't stand out THAT much in the cast, and specially when compared with Belarus's own weirdness. With some exceptions, the cast tends to regard her as being more or less normal unless she's upset.

  • There's also Hungary. She spent her childhood convinced that she was a boy, and that she would eventually grow male genetalia, which she thought everyone did. She goes to work as Austria's maid at some point, and starts denying her desire to go hunting for some reason (lampshaded in the dub, where the narrator comments that she thinks Hungary's nuts). During the War of Austrian Succession storyline, she comes in to beat the shit out of Prussia, crawling out from under his bed like Samara after Prussia escapes. She also has a great fondness for yaoi, has taken pictures while other men molested Austria (her husband), and is so filthy-minded that it disturbs even the most perverted of other characters.

So yeah, taking this to discussion just in case. While she has her odd moments, I'm not exactly sure she's odd enough to fully qualify in this trope.
10:07:54 PM Nov 11th 2011
How come there's no Strange Boy or that under something else?
08:52:06 PM Feb 8th 2012
I don't know. The trope's description seems kind of vague.
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