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11:58:56 AM Apr 13th 2010
Can a book (literature) have 'arcs'? Or are they considered as 'different' things? And if they do have arcs/some other similar thing; are they viewed with dismay, or is it pretty much okay to the readers?
04:28:04 PM Aug 8th 2010
i would say yes, because an arc is like an ongoing plotline. So there can be a few arcs in one book.
06:16:09 AM Jul 30th 2013
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The way I see it is that one book in a series (of books) is like an "episode" of the story. In that light, an arc would be a story that spans two or more books in a series, but not all the books. It's certainly possible, but then again: a lot of book series only focus on a single story, possibly from the viewpoint of multiple characters (see "A Song of Ice and Fire" by G.R.R.Martin) or are set up as "one book per story, multiples of them set in the same universe".(see the "Jack Reacher" books by Jim Grant (better known under his pen name, Lee Child)
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