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03:48:54 PM May 13th 2017
Y'know, I disagree that Arrested Development isn't influential. It turned out to be a big Star-Making Role for much of the cast, it created the kind of Meta Humor that'd be seen in the likes of 30 Rock and Community, and I feel like sitcoms were a lot more continuity heavy after it.
02:32:37 PM Mar 14th 2015
Isn't Madoka Magica (PMMM), a 12 episode anime (including 2 recap movies and 1 sequel movie), an example of this trope?
06:41:31 PM Jul 16th 2013
Is NGE really an example? 26 episodes is a decent run, as from what I've seen a lot of anime isn't meant to be a galloping multi-season affair like most western works are.
12:00:06 PM Jul 31st 2012
edited by Cthulboohoo
Does Led Zeppelin really fit here? Twelve years with nine studio albums is quite a long life for a rock band.

Even the Beatles presence is pretty ambiguous - Eight years is a pretty good long time for a rock band. Yes, they produced a lot of material in a short time, but they have more albums than most rock bands and stayed together longer than the average rock band.

Similarly, Elliot Smith and the Red House Painters had careers spanning at around a decade. Bon Scott and the Smiths made half a decade. I don't think the purpose of this is to have just a collection of people who died young. For instance, in the twenty-seven club, Brian Jones put out fifteen albums in seven years before he died. Compared with Robert Johnson, who recorded two albums with about twenty five tracks, that's a freaking eternity.

The music section here is already extremely cluttered. If you put out a dozen albums over eight years, when most bands fold after three or four albums and half the time, you are scarcely short lived in the music industry.

I'm tempted to remove them, but I wanted to see if anyone had an argument for their inclusion before I did.
11:48:58 PM Oct 24th 2012
Red House Painters is a touchy one. They have about 7 studio albums on their belt, but were only around for a short while. Wiki says it's from 1989 to 2001, but the band technically broke up in 98 and were probably actually formed closer to 1990/91. However, some people consider it to be mostly a Mark Kozelek vehicle, and the singer-songwriter is still alive and active and has maintained popularity through Sun Kil Moon... Still on the flipside of the coin is the fact that the two projects are so musically different that they really aren't the same entity, so the argument is pretty complex there.
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