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07:33:26 AM Jul 5th 2017
Where's the "Punk" in "Steampunk"?
08:53:44 PM Jul 5th 2017
There is an explanation on the Punk Punk page
06:45:45 PM Jan 22nd 2014
"Oh, and glueing some gears on it doesn't make it steampunk. As far as hardware hacking or Makerism specifically are concerned, (as opposed to the purely fictional stuff) the Steampunk aesthetic exists on the basis of the idea that something looks good because it is good; i.e., a thing's image is an outgrowth of its (effective) fundamental design. This can be achieved in practice, by adhering to a proven engineering tradition, such as the UNIX design philosophy. This video may also help to explain further."

What does this mean, exactly, in the context of the article? I mean, if it's all about function over form, shouldn't they be obsessed with modern technology instead of inefficient, impossible pseudo-Victoriana?
04:19:08 PM Apr 8th 2016
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"But but, but it's cooler, it has bronze, and it's cooler in appearance! and it has lots of steam coming out through it" Btw, this is a joke. But I never understood this from the steampunk.
07:53:26 PM Jan 3rd 2014
I am looking for a term for something that is not steampunk or cyberpunk, but has a few similarities.

Let's say there's a story that takes place in ancient China, which just happens to have cars & cigarette lighters, or modern weapons & modern hospitals in a medieval D&D style setting?
07:48:20 AM Jan 13th 2014
Schizo Tech.
02:50:54 PM Oct 29th 2012
Why is Jak and daxter the precursor legacy considered steampunk? I don't see how it's steampunk.
05:50:11 AM May 17th 2012
I haven't actually seen it all, but where does the Steampunk in the ST 1 parody pop up? The whole silent film aspect places it in a similar time period, but...
10:07:36 AM Feb 17th 2012
  • The steampunk/clockpunk asthetic is also at work in "Tooth And Claw" (which makes sense, given that the episode centers around Queen Victoria herself).

It's a telescope-like device that reflects moonlight via a diamond. It doesn't sound especially futuristic to me.
10:51:36 AM Oct 21st 2010
"The characters of Questionable Content occasionally dress steampunk style. "

....they do? I recently started reading, going through the entire archive, and I don't remember that at all.
09:07:27 PM Jun 28th 2011
They do, occasionally. When they're being extremely silly.
02:18:50 PM Feb 16th 2012
They dress Victorian style. I don't remember brass goggles, or strange mechanical gauntlets, or anything of that nature.
08:56:34 AM Sep 4th 2010
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