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08:15:30 PM Aug 29th 2012
You can't just call a subtrope a locked trope without even providing a trope page, never mind a trope name. Kindly clarify what is meant under Type 3 Off to the Smoke, why it should be mentioned as a supposed locked trope, and whether that adds anything meaningful to the conversation.

I don't want to be a bitch about this, but it is important that trope descriptions be clear, and it is especially frustrating when they're not.
08:24:51 AM Aug 30th 2012
I think you need to take it to the Trope Repair Shop, but there is another thread; I'll check.
04:15:22 PM Feb 22nd 2013
edited by RhapsodyOfAWhimsicality
I came across this page and deleted stuff (like what you mention above) that didn’t seem to make any sense, and tried to add some clarification where I understood the original author’s intent, but really I think the entire description could stand some overhaul.

It could some more examples/wicks, too; this is a pretty broad trope and there have to be more than seven works who’ve used it…I filed it until Needs Wiki Magic Love.
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