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01:32:54 PM Sep 29th 2013
I think a quote from this trailer would be good for the quote at the top. www.youtube.com/watch?v=C12ayc Iepq A‎ Its Train simulator 2014, and mentions railfans quite a bit.
06:06:42 PM Sep 29th 2013
Wait until its release.
08:52:47 AM Mar 2nd 2011
I kind of assume that this is an inside joke, but why would a F 40 PH locomotive be the bane of furries?

Roadkill? Fandom rivalry? Multi-track drifting?
08:14:03 AM Dec 27th 2011
I was about to ask the same thing! But, what?
02:54:09 PM May 26th 2012
I think it may be more because the F 40 PH is a modified SD 40-2, one of the most prolific and numerous locos built in America. It's to mean that there's more of them than there are furries.

Either that, or it's to run over furries. Who knows?
05:24:32 PM Jun 18th 2012
If nobody can figure it out then we can probably remove it.
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