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08:42:37 PM Mar 21st 2010
Is this really worth putting on the cutlist with all this links to it?
03:45:54 AM Mar 22nd 2010
Well my guess is just that those links are all just mistakes and then one guy blue links them with a redirect and they don't end up gettting fixed. Hey, what if a number of them were just talking about Rocdket Propelled Grenades and then accidentally got blue shifted?

People learn by example so it is important to make sure that we have proper usage of the curly brackets around. The errors should be fixed and red links help point out what isn't working. Yeah, all those wicks would make me hesitate to delete just the intials but we shouldn't have needless redirects like plurals so I'd rather there could be some quick sitewide fix to set them all to the proper form first and then cut it.
02:43:23 PM Mar 22nd 2010
edited by RedViking
Yeah, but if people keep making these things despite site policy, the solution isn't to keep cutting tropes in the hopes that people will stop making plural redirects. That assumes that potential/new tropers never visit this site. We should try something else in order to educate them.
02:42:01 AM Mar 24th 2010
We can show by example. If all links to it get quickly replaced with links to RPGs, other editors will soon get used to the idea. It's inevitable that most newbies will make the odd mistake. The important part is making these mistakes easier to avoid and to avoid repeating.
07:54:23 AM Mar 24th 2010
When JRP Gs came up I decided to look around what was happening by fixing those links.

The number of times in which people use the [= =] markup the first time and then forget to do it the second exemplifies what is happening. It's just a mistake. People type them and then forget or don't realise that all caps and then a small s will make a Wiki Word. I've also seen it happen with things like CRPG which we don't have a page on.

Also you don't get the proper formatting with RP Gs and JRP Gs due to the space in the middle so it also looks unsightly and if one really wanted a plural one would tend to prefer using the curly brackets.

Red links, I point out, are how we often point things out to new tropers. They type something out then they find it makes a Red Link thus encouraging them to check what the mistake was. But then one guy makes a redirect and it all goes blue.

I would cut this but I don't know whether that would get in the way of running a script. JRP Gs will go though.
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