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11:06:46 AM May 3rd 2017
edited by MikeRosoft
Pretty, but for the record, if you see Cherenkov radiation in air, you have basically several minutes left to live.
Neither radioactive materials nor nuclear reactors produce Cherenkov radiation in air. Cherenkov radiation occurs when a charged particle travels through a medium faster than the speed of light in that medium. The speed of light in air is nearly the same as the speed of light in vacuum; this means that e.g. an electron would have to travel extremely fast to produce Cherenkov radiation in air (according to Wikipedia the required energy would have been about 20 MeV). Normal nuclear reactions do not produce such energetic particles; however, they may appear during interaction of high-energy photons or cosmic rays with the atmosphere.
10:28:53 PM Apr 18th 2013
Kim Possible: Would Ron in the final finale, with his glowing Mystic Monkey Powers, count?

Raven from Teen Titans (cartoon): Are her black light powers an inversion of this trope? There're some scenes where it seems that her powers would glow if they weren't of the negative light display variety. (That darn dragon Malchior episode comes to mind.)
03:25:58 PM Mar 31st 2010
I think we should change the picture. It's not an iconic example of glowing power. I recommend a picture of a nuclear reactor complete with Cherenkov radiation, as in the Real Life section of the index. (Power actually glows. Who knew?)
02:29:14 AM Aug 23rd 2011
This should be renamed to "Might makes Light". Yes, I just discovered the Doom comic.
02:29:56 AM Aug 23rd 2011
Also I apparently don't know the difference between replying to a topic and starting a new one.
07:12:19 AM Oct 9th 2012
edited by Theenmityofages1994
I would suggest a picture of The Sentry.
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