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03:46:16 AM Nov 23rd 2013
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  • In the second Hunger Games book, Catching Fire, Peeta tells the entire country on live television that Katniss is pregnant, when she is not, and she had no idea he planned on doing this. However, she thinks she is going to be dead within the week and doesn't worry about it. Many people suspect that they are lying and joke around with her. When she does, in fact, survive, she says she miscarried after being electrocuted.

Pulled this because the trope is about using an object to fake the appearance of pregnancy, while the example simply describes lying about it.
06:37:32 AM Feb 6th 2013
edited by whtjunior
I guess this is more of a, "just bugs me," but think about the amount of premeditation involved in many of these scams. For the Mentos example, for instance, they would have had to plan that in advance, with no intention of paying for their meal. Values Dissonance, or just criminal? Take your pick.
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