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10:50:42 AM Jan 6th 2015
Removed the following:

  • This has been cited as a justification for the fact that you can only wear one ring on each hand in roguelikes: rings come in only one size, so they just barely fit onto a orc's pinky, and are dangerously loose on a hobbit's thumb. All this goes out the window to a certain extent in Nethack, since rings and amulets (but not body armor) can be worn not just by humanoids, but by jellies, snakes, and intelligent clouds of vapor.
    • The ability to wear rings as a fingerless creature is limited to rings that were on your finger before you changed shape and is there to avoid making it too easy to get rid of cursed rings. If you turn into a fingerless creature, you can't put on new rings and the old ones that were there before you changed shape are stuck and won't come off. In effect, they change with you.
      • The real reason, of course, probably stems from the D&D tradition of only allowing players to wear two magical rings at once, citing interference between their enchantments.

Moved the NetHack stuff to the NetHack example. We don't want "global" examples of "all roguelikes". I'm not familiar enough with most roguelikes to know if the removed applies to which games. Also, natter.
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