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12:10:35 PM Jul 23rd 2010
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Public...libraries....what? Offending remark deleted.
10:54:59 AM Jul 26th 2010
edited by spike12
Ooookay,so the"coalition going after the public libraries after taking down all the aggregator sites(like Onemanga)"wasn't one of my better edits.Let's see if I can explain this a little better; A lot of people often saw sites like Onemanga as a sort of online library.Shure,the scans posted there are either grey,or,illegal as hell,but for many,it was a good way to; 1.keep up to speed on a favorite series(many DO buy the mangas when the do come out) a favorite series that isn't licenced and hasn't left Japan(for every one series that's licenced,there are a dozen that are not.) manga (licenced or otherwise) in certain parts of the world that the "publishing coalition" wouldn't touch with a ten-metre pole. From my POV,what the "publishing colation"is doing right now is,more or less,simular to,oh say,the nazis emptying out the public libraries of certain books,and burning them in huge bonfires.Or the actions of the so-called "firemen" in the movie "Fahrenheit 451".But all-in-all,forcing the aggregator sites to close down or else be sued by thier army of ambulance-chasers will probably end up hurting the"publishing coalition"in the long run(close down one site,3more will take it's place).Well that's all I've got to say on this subject right now.Agree with it,or not,it's up to you.
09:58:20 PM Aug 14th 2010
Have you seen the sales of manga in America? In the past few years they have basically become non-existant. I mean a best selling series sells like two thousands copies.

It was either try to get rid of the aggregator sites or go bankrupt killing the manga industry in America.
10:27:23 AM Sep 4th 2010
Can someone do a burrow-through in the manga/anime titles and get rid of all the links to the images on One Manga site? THEY ARE GETTING RID OF ALL THEIR SCANLATIONS and I really don't like clicking on a dead link!
08:59:07 AM Sep 5th 2010
The abysmal sales of manga in America are more at fault of the utter incompetence of the American industry to update their distrubution methods with the times. Although it's easy to say most people are creating and using these sites to get manga for free because they don't want to pay for them, it's not as simple as paying for them. A lot of scanlated manga aren't even officially translated and sold to the U.S., so the job is left to scanlators to do what the industry will not. And the ones that ARE officially translated are terribly far behind what's coming out over in Japan, and the internet model is simply quicker and convenient.

If there were a service that provided what the manga readers do at a monthly fee with professional and swift translations, I've no doubt it'd get a ton of business. The American industry, instead of changing and innovating with the times, is relying on IP laws and government force. Supply and demand, and since they refuse to supply the market is simply going around them. Getting rid of readers has just caused an annoyance to those who read scanlated manga, it's still going on. And it will, no matter how many lawsuits they try to file, so long as there is demand that they refuse to meet.
12:36:32 PM Apr 10th 2011
It's rather ironic that publishers are trying to shut down websites on the grounds of illegal distribution dispite the fact that the publishers aren't publishing the supermajority of those websites' contents.
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