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11:57:54 PM Aug 3rd 2013
  • The first revival of The Twilight Zone had this in two episodes.
    • One followed a sailor who gets drunk and wakes up in an empty bar.
    • The other, much darker, followed a man who decides to give up the alcohol and begin a cure that could destroy his life.

I think these examples could use more context to explain how the trope applies.
04:19:42 PM May 5th 2013
As interesting as the link to the image of two differently developed brains is, is it really appropriate to put it in the description like that? It seems kinda squicky for a family-friendly site.
04:51:51 PM May 5th 2013
It's a link, clearly labelled. I think it's fine. Not like it's a page image or anything.
06:10:23 AM Dec 23rd 2012
Due to the nature of the artist's work possibly conflicting with the wiki's content policy, the direct links to the image and the artist's dA gallery have been moved here.
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