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02:38:53 PM Nov 22nd 2012
The very first example in the description is not, in fact, this trope. If we can assume that a cat that walks into a room is a pet cat, raised with humans, it quite likely will announce itself with a meow - probably a particular chirping meow which many, many cat owners will recognise instantly as 'hello' in a feline accent.

Cats raised in close contact with humans are often very vocal, simply because 'monkey see, monkey do' is not limited to primates, or vision. It's very common for pet cats to use a vocal greeting (and more than a few humans have learned to greet their pet with a headbump), and many also 'make small talk' and just meow for no real reason at all.

That said, feral cats (including 'barn cats') don't usually meow at all beyond kittenhood, so if a work shows that, it is this trope.
11:10:02 PM Apr 21st 2011
This trope is currently covering two significantly different things. Animals that make noises when it doesn't make sense, and animals that have different animal calls dubbed onto them. Both uses have a large number of examples, would it be reasonable to split this into two tropes?
12:55:23 PM Feb 8th 2011
This is an absolute mess. I don't even know why I'm posting it here insted of just deleting it.

  • Big cats, not matter how adorable they are as cubs, no matter how tame they are, no matter how friendly they are with your protagonist, CAN NOT PURR. This troper can't think of any specific examples, even though it drives her crazy every time she hears it.
    • What, That Troper thinks that lions aren't big cats?
    • Actually, big cats do purr, but they use a different mechanism than small cats - the same one they use for growling. Thusly, they can only purr while breathing outward, whereas small cats can purr whether they're inhaling or exhaling. Big cats also purr less often than their little cousins, and it's usually mistaken for a growl, anyway.
    • As shown on one segment of The Tonight Show, cheetahs can purr.
      • Cheetahs, pumas and lynxes aren't actually big cats, despite their size - they're felinae, like housecats, and can purr just like them.
    • It's growling friendly-like.
    • This Troper's local bird sanctuary has an adolescent cheetah and in order to prove he was happy in very un-Savannah like Kent his handler held their microphone near to him - lo and behold, very deep but unmistakeable purring.

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