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07:41:13 AM Jun 8th 2015
Is it really a a subtrope of 'Nice Job Breaking It, Hero', and not a supertrope of same? We are talking about World Destruction here...
07:52:12 AM Jun 8th 2015
That's not what supertrope means. A supertrope isn't "the same but bigger," it's a broader trope. In this case, talking about world destruction makes it more specific, thus a subtrope.
01:36:32 PM Jan 31st 2015
what's the trope namer here?
10:05:32 AM Feb 2nd 2015
Did you not even look at the page?
11:25:44 AM Feb 2nd 2015
It might be a joke. I may be giving him too much of the benefit of the doubt, but it could be a joke about how the name, the quote, and the image are all from the same thing.
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