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05:35:32 AM Feb 16th 2018
Does this trope apply to Horizon Zero Dawn, since it has robots acting like animals?
07:39:23 PM May 19th 2011
edited by Camacan
Being software excludes them from this trope — gotta be mechanical lifeforms. And many Digimon don't count either for the same reason, so I narrowed that down to the robot Digimon.

Please Repair, Don't Respond.

  • Reboot features sentient computer programs who speculate that there is a mysterious "user" who is really responsible for the 'games' that keep dropping in.
    • I don't believe the characters in Reboot count since they are not physical robots, merely bits of data projecting an image; like a hologram, or Agent Smith in The Matrix.
      • If Digimon counts, so does ReBoot.
04:54:17 PM Mar 18th 2010
I'm wondering about the "Unknown creators" clause on this. There's a lot of things here that would otherwise qualify, but were explicitly created by a known race — humanity, or something else — rather than naturally occurring or made by forgotten precursors. So do we remove those examples, or rewrite the entry to include them?
04:48:02 AM Jul 25th 2010
I don't think having "unknown creators" is necessary. The trope is about machines that go beyond Ridiculously Human Robots to the point of actually mimicking biological functions. If humans created such machines, I think they should still count.
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