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09:57:50 AM Nov 5th 2011
edited by Hydronix
I get that Super Smash Bros. is the trope namer, but Power Stone actually did it first. It came out atleast a month before, and is notably listed on the page as well.

So is there any reason SSB is there(in the main description) besides it being "notable"(despite not being what made them exist in the first place)? In other words, it's a Trope Codifier, but it didn't "launch" the idea in the first place.
12:35:11 PM Jan 30th 2012
edited by fenyx4
If that's the case, I think Power Stone should get a mention indicating such.

On another note, this trope's title seems somewhat confusing/misleading (for me, at least), as I keep on thinking "crossover fighting game involving mascots of multiple series", as opposed to the actual definition of "fighting games that use Super Smash Bros.-esque fighting mechanics/gameplay". The Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series example is one instance, being a game series where all of the characters are from the same franchise, rather than representing separate franchises/series in a singular crossover fighting game.
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