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07:27:08 AM May 19th 2012
Would it be considered examples (and therefore unwanted) if a link to this essay were added? I was thinking of adding it as a parenthetical aside, like this:

"This, along with the Purity Sue archetype, is one of the oldest forms of Mary Sue, being at least Older Than Radio (as discussed in this essay)."

I thought it pretty entertaining reading and a nice adjunct to the page as currently written.
03:12:43 AM Aug 29th 2011
Because of the article image, I got confused and thought I was reading an article about Bella, and you know what? It. Fit. Perfectly. I didn't even realise it wasn't about her exclusively until halfway down O.o
06:17:58 PM Mar 25th 2013
Except for Bella being very much the anti-sue though...
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