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02:31:22 AM Mar 2nd 2012
Is the character in the tell-tale heart really a roommate? as far as I remember the story, a big part of it was the crazy guy slowly opening the door and peeking in. wouldn't it be more of a flatmate or housemate? (English is not my first language and I'm not sure if roommate means literally sharing a room)
07:55:57 AM Sep 27th 2011
I did not mean to post that as a reply.
08:35:10 AM Jun 10th 2011
I was hoping to discuss this new photo for Mad Eye. While it is good, you don't really have an image of the OTHER eye in order to compare his eyes. I felt that the picture of Rika was a little better because you could compare her eyes, being able to clearly see that one eye was larger than the other.
07:55:41 AM Sep 27th 2011
This is a good trope, but the summary is too short...
09:23:09 PM Jan 24th 2012
Might I suggest this picture?
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