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03:59:22 AM Jul 8th 2011
Re: Hal 9000 example: it could use clean-up of the on-page discussion. I agree with the first response ("He's supposed to be sympathetic, though") - it's one of the most poignant scenes in the movie when Dave Bowman rips out HAL's mind piece by piece ("my mind is going ... I can feel it ..."), and also the point about HAL's murderousness stemming from a kind of schizophrenia (more accurately, disjointed personality disorder), which 2010 explains explicitly was due to government subversion of his original program with incongruent code, forcing him to try to satisfy two contradictory directives at once.

So, I say a re-write based on the first response in the example, but more of a focus on how the semi-monotone (essentially, HAL is always calm, if not monotone) highlights the emotionlessness that makes the machine seem even more sinister. What do you think?
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