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04:58:34 PM Jul 15th 2010
So I hear that love hotels are usually thought of as seedy dens just like American motels and that this page is a remnant of the japanophilic desire to make anything Japanese look wonderful and superior. Any truth to that?

04:28:04 AM Jan 11th 2011
edited by EricDerKonig
I can't speak for Japan, but in Korea (they've got them there too, for much of the same reasons) many tend to be in/near red light districts and you can request a lady for company if you're not bringing your own. There are also plenty of nicer ones, where you'd go with your wife/girlfriend.
08:24:12 PM Jan 24th 2011
As the more or less original author, I can attest to not trying to make these look wonderful and superior - or seedy and perverted. I took the best information I had/have, much of it sourced from the other wiki to avoid personal bias where possible. It must also be noted that the article's intent is to provide some context for the portrayal of love hotels in media. The accuracy of this may of course be questioned but I think overall the information in this article conforms well to that portrayal.
09:43:28 PM Mar 7th 2011
Actually many countries have love hotels. Other places in Asia, South America, and Central America have love hotels and just like any other establishment you have good ones and bad ones. Mostly they're useful in Japan because privacy is very limited so love hotels serve as somewhere that is private and many times sound proof. You have limited human interaction and most of them are automated for ultimate privacy. In general they are somewhat better than a regular hotel just because you pay by the hour, they're sound proof, private, and anything you might need can be provided generally from an automated kiosk (i.e. condoms, personal lubricants, sexual aids/toys). They aren't really that bad, it just depends.
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