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03:54:37 PM Oct 25th 2015
What's the difference between this and An Offer You Can't Refuse? At first glance both of them seem to have a similar "You can try to refuse this, but it's gonna end poorly for you if you do" thing going on.
01:16:35 AM Oct 26th 2015
This trope is about the bargain being one-sided. That trope is about people who cannot say "No" to a bargain, one sided or no.
12:11:19 AM Oct 21st 2014
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A possibly related possibly tropeworthy item I discarded because of having been made aware of this Leonine Contract. I very much dislike how this existing page is written, yet it doesn't look like there's any option of having it repaired anytime soon. Perhaps in the future it could be of use.
10:36:54 AM Oct 6th 2012
The Tangled example doesn't fit. "Give me a tour for a few days in exchange for the royal crown" is NOT an unreasonable deal by any stretch of the imagination. Nor is it a real matter of life or death whether Flynn gets the crown or not or at least it isn't from Rapunzel's perspective (she isn't aware of the Stabbington Brothers at all until much later in the film). Flynn could just as easily have not agreed to the deal, but he was too greedy to accept.
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