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05:26:05 PM Dec 12th 2011
Didn't there use to be a link for fanfic recommendations?
02:00:43 AM Dec 1st 2011
Can we start adding all the rest of the Justice League now? The core seven seem pretty set. Perhaps we can put them in their own folder as new character profiles.
08:10:01 AM Dec 1st 2011
Are you referring to the main trope pages, or the Character/ sub page?
02:57:47 AM Dec 3rd 2011
The Character sub page.
07:30:51 AM Dec 3rd 2011
Go right ahead, character sub-pages are for all characters, not just the main ones. Add another folder ("Villains" or "Supporting cast" or "recurring characters" or whatever) and you're all set.
02:00:42 AM Dec 1st 2011
Can we start adding all the rest of the Justice League now? The core seven seem pretty set. Perhaps we can put them in their own folder as new character profiles.
09:32:41 AM Nov 6th 2011
Think we should change this namespace to WesternAnimation.Justice League, and make Main.Justice League into a redirect to Main.Justice League Of America?
07:26:20 AM Nov 7th 2011
I believe Wiki policy does specify that this page should be at the Western Animation subheader, but I think Main/ should become a redirect to the new page instead of to JLA, or to a disambiguation page with links to both. The exact title matches the show, not JLA, and all inbound links are intended for the show and not the comic.
10:13:06 PM Jun 8th 2011
I'm not sure that Superman is an inversion of Incorruptible Pure Pureness, at least not for the example listed. He is faced with an almost identical situation of Luthor killing Flash, and comes right to the brink of a Moral Event Horizon. But as he says, "I'm not the man who killed President Luthor. Right now, i wish to heaven that I were, but I'm not." Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
07:34:37 AM Jun 9th 2011
He's certainly not an Inversion, but he's also not an example of the trope, either. I don't see inversion mentioned anywhere in the example.
01:37:00 PM Sep 12th 2010
JL(U) was amazing. I want to watch more of the like but are other DCAU series just as good? Just wanna know so I don't rush in with too high/low expectations...
03:58:09 AM Sep 15th 2010
Having watched some of them as a kid (and going from my ancient memories) there are some kick-ass animated DCAU shows. The one's that come immediately to mind is Batman: The animated Series,Batman beyond and Teen Titans. There are others like Superman: The animated series but I never watched those. if I were to give rank order from Best to still awesome but not as good: 1. Justice League + Unlimited 2. Batman: The Animated series 3. Teen Titans 4. Batman Beyond.
05:18:19 AM Sep 15th 2010
Teen Titans isn't DCAU.
07:06:45 PM Sep 17th 2010
To answer your original question, JL(U) was definitely the best of the lot, but the other series (BTAS, STAS, BB) are definitely good.
03:21:18 AM Sep 18th 2010
What about TNBA, Static Shock, and Zeta Project?
04:07:48 PM Nov 27th 2010
edited by Koveras
So yeah, I've watched both BTAS/TNBA, STAS, and all three BTAS movies. Have to agree that among the series, the original BTAS (before the TNBA) was the best writing-wise, after JLU, of course. "Gray Ghost" is easily the favorite episode, though "Growing Pains" and "Creeper" come close. Of the movies, Mystery of the Batwoman blew my soul away. STAS was... good, I guess. It didn't have that distinct feel of BTAS, so it basically boiled down to a colorful supervillain gallery to me (Volcana was the sexiest), and I ended up with a feeling STAS was just an exposition prequel to JL(U). ^^;

Batman Beyond still awaits, but I think I'll take another break from DCAU for now... Marathoning 160 episodes takes its toll.
04:03:45 PM Jun 22nd 2010
I'm kinda sad the Celibate Hero discussion was deleted—I understand why it was, but it was so damn funny.
08:24:35 PM May 12th 2010
edited by Brainiac0982
Is Vandal Savage really a good example of Who Wants to Live Forever?? He seems fairly happy with his lot in life, and the trope is for immorrals who wish they weren't. Yes, he was depressed and crazy in the future of Hereafter, but that was out of isolation and guilt for having wiped out all life on Earth.
12:48:34 PM Mar 15th 2010
edited by MrDeath
Look, JBK 405, I don't know why you're going on with this, but the trope applies. The only way it doesn't apply is based on assumptions you're making about how it works and how long it takes to construct. The fact is, you have someone who has memorized a device that makes a handful of Physical Gods powerless, and the resources to remake the weapon a dozen times over, and time to do it, and the weapon never comes up again.

EDIT: Alright, fair enough, it doesn't fit the description for It Only Works Once. But it does fit Forgotten Phlebotinum.
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