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06:51:18 PM Jan 28th 2013
edited by Drasaid
Do NOT get arrested. DO NOT. If you are, you will be asked how nice it would be not to have this on your record. It will then be suggested that you perform some unnamed Community Service to ensure it does not get written down anywhere, and of course you WILL agree to do this. You don't have a choice, really —- then you find out what the Community Service is. If there were Eldrich Abhomination Community Services, this is one. You, and your fellow idiots who managed to get arrested, will CLEAN THE STREETS of the Crescent City, where the world's biggest party has just been held and where, alas, sufficient public toilets are never had. You'll have gloves, you'll have a Sanitation Krewe t-shirt, and you'll have the most disgusting task before you; memories of this hidious pavement scouring will damn your existence forever and blight any joy you will ever have in the future.. Gouge out your eyes with a sharp spoon, french kiss a nutria, floss your teeth with piano wire, but DO NOT GET ARRESTED DURING CARNIVAL. Do not. It is not easy to prompt the men in blue of New Orleans to perform a paperwork making activity like arresting you, but do not rise to the challenge. Walk away slowly, no inciting an arrest . . . you do not want this. I will desist from describing the fetid slurry coating every broken string of beads, bent doubloon, and crushed beer can, and you, you obey me and remain ignorant of the horrors that the Parade Route generates. There are things no one was meant to know.
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