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10:21:46 PM Apr 20th 2013
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"Working Girl: After Tess proves that Katherine stole her idea, Katherine is fired and Tess gets an "entry level" executive job that is functionally equivalent to the one Katherine held."

Partially justified, in that Tess spent a chunk of the film doing Katherine's job while she was out with a busted leg. (Under Katherine's orders, although I don't remember if the orders included making Tess pretend to be Katherine.)

"The Last Starfighter. During the movie the entire Starfighter corps was wiped out, leaving only Alex Rogan to fight the Ko-Dan Armada. He succeeds in destroying it, and at the end of the movie, the leader of the Star League asks him to rebuild the Starfighter corps. There's just one problem: although Alex is the best Starfighter alive (mainly because he's the only Starfighter alive), he has no particular organizational/military skills or experience, which would be required to perform such a task. (And in this context, "Starfighter" is really another word for "Gunner".)"

More practical would be to use Alex as a recruiting figurehead, and bring in personnel who could do the actual gruntwork of organizing things and handling military protocol and whatnot.

"Protocol" Now that was just silly.
05:44:16 PM Jul 18th 2016
I don't have the novelization handy to check this, but it did a better job of explaining this by previously establishing just how pacificistic the Star League was:
  • The Starfighter corps is ridiculously small given the size of the League to begin with, and is apparently expected to operate on a One Riot, One Ranger principle.
  • It's small because nobody in the League likes interacting with beings barbaric enough to be capable of serving. The leader who gave that inspiring speech (which he disliked but trusted the psych team who wrote it on its intended results) to the corps then had a quiet minor breakdown in private due to the distress the cheering and its implications of primal violence caused him. Starfighters are chosen for a combination of combat skill and the hope they'll focus on a protector role.
  • People who have a proven record of combat ability and protecting the League (heroism) are rare and quite valuable; people who members of the League can also tolerate are even more valuable. Whether Alex (and dubious individuals like his recruiter) are really qualified to be in charge, it's entirely plausible the League would hand off Starfighter leadership roles to them out of sheer discomfort at being in charge themselves.
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