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11:33:32 AM Sep 4th 2013
Possible addition from a Standup Comedy persective: George Carlin refers obliquely to Hammerspace in his Losing Things routine from his show Playin' with Your Head:-

"Where do things go when they're lost? You know what I think? I think there's a big pile of things somewhere. I think there's a big pile of things that are constantly lost. You loose something - Sssswwwwwwup. It goes to the pile. And then you say, "ohh look, there it is." Vvvvvwwwwum. Right back from the pile, and you didn't even know there was a pile. And where is the pile? In heaven, of course."
09:38:11 AM Jun 7th 2013
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I feel like the area underneath a Wrestling ring in Pro Wrestling is a sort of cousin. It's not truly this trope since it doesn't defy the laws of Physics. But if your trying to pretend your watching a real sport, it certainly seems odd that all these Tables and Ladders and Chairs, chains, 2 by 4s, bats, toolboxes filled with tools, sledge hammers, garbage cans, and so on are all hidden under there. Especially when the management is theoretically trying keep such things from being used as weapons (Which depends on the Boss's current alignment). But it can get even more bizarre then that, once there was a Steel Chair WRAPPED IN BARD WIRE.

In real life of course we know it's because those things are destined to become weapons.

Also when a Wrestler surprisingly emerges form under the ring. The commentators want us to believe he must have been hiding there the whole show. But that's really implausible, at those events they must have a trap door under there.
03:55:13 PM Jun 21st 2012
This article could use a little cleanup - most of the 'Other' examples are genuinely classifiable in one of the sub-tropes.
07:41:06 AM Dec 16th 2011
Hammer Space - anything to do with Lieutenant Sledge Hammer of an unspecified American city police dept, and his unfeasibly large "amigo". the H Ammer Weapon?
09:45:39 AM Jan 26th 2011
"Why is the inside of the TARDIS only that much larger than its exterior?"

The TARDIS is a bad example as it is so big that even the Doctor is unsure how many rooms there are and with each re-generation it changes and adds new rooms. There are several episodes where he gets lost himself or his companions are lost somewhere in it.

What the TARDIS can be best looked at is as portal into a selected part of personal Hammerspace which constantly change. Intresting enough, the Hammerspace is bound to the Tardis and seams to not exist anywhere else as anyone trying to get into it must first locate the TARDIS instead of the Hammerspace it leads too.
01:43:22 PM May 13th 2010
What do you call it, when the character actually does conjure/materialize the object rather than it simply being the most obvious explaination?
06:02:37 PM Jul 3rd 2010
Not sure about that but a good example is the game Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, where the sudden appearence of weapons, space helmets etc. is explained by the Hazard Team members all carrying portable transporters with the ability to store unused items in the pattern buffer.
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