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02:34:19 PM Dec 7th 2013

Ja. I remember when playing through FFIV, the "guest star party members" felt more like permanent party members. In fact, it struck me how random it seemed for your final party to end up the way it was, and how you never get to choose who is in your party. The game seemed pretty unique in the way the party was done; most RPG's have 3 or 4 characters max, and it's either that you have a group of permanent characters with possibly one extra coming and going or your party does get shuffled at first or possibly instead with being able to customize jobs, but you eventually get to the point where you can pick who is in your party. FFIV was pretty unique with its 5 characters max—where at one point you go from having 5 characters to only 1 in like a 15-minute time—; almost constant shuffling (except for the main character), though the party configuration did seem to become more stable as you moved toward the end of the game; the fact you could never choose who was in your party; and the fact you could never customize jobs. In fact, FFIV as a whole seemed to be one of the least customizable Final Fantasies.

Nevertheless, I love it. :)

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