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03:38:47 PM Sep 8th 2013
Yo, I can't beleive the biggest colelction of real-life examples of this is not in the list! The "Happy Cemetery" at Sapanta, Romania, is filled with handmade gravestones that depict the life and death of their owner in a funny way, always with a rhyme and sometimes with a quote. It has become a tourisy attraction. The Cemetery guides mark in a notebook every time a tourist doesn't laugh in the Cemetery. Their notebook is empty.

Also, a game example, in Heroes of Ardania,in the Graveyard location, the text descriptions depict the player finding a nubmer of tombstones and reading their inscriptions. Most are short verses mentioning heroes slain in battle, or quotes from the dead heroes buried there. But one of them reads "Dig me up, I wanna be a zombie!"
01:56:31 AM Sep 9th 2013
Feel free to add those entries.
01:47:15 PM Mar 10th 2012
Why is the image gone?
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