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03:11:51 AM Apr 16th 2013
I can't remember if it's "Every Contact Leaves a Trace: Crime Scene Experts Talk About Their Work from Discovery Through Verdict" by Connie Fletcher or "Blood on the table : the greatest cases of New York City's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner" by Colin Evans, but one mentions a contributer saying that when he's asked a question in court, particularly by the defense, he'll take off his glasses as he's considering the question. It's forensic science in his specialty, and he generally knows the answer, but he needs to put in the appearance of careful consideration for the jury's sake; they might take the wrong impression if the answer's too fast or flip, no matter how well the forensic expert knows his subject.
09:38:55 PM Jan 6th 2011
The SNL song "I'm On A Boat" does this at one point in the music video (during the line "This is as real as it gets!". Not sure which category to put it under, though.
11:45:30 AM Jan 7th 2011
edited by SomeGuy
If it showed up in a broadcast, put it under Live-Action TV. If it was a music video that was only distributed online or something, then make a Music section.
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