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07:02:28 PM Aug 16th 2011
Could we just combine both entries?
02:12:23 PM Nov 29th 2011
Havenít you looked at the pictures, particularly the [[geek]] one?
04:03:34 PM Dec 22nd 2010
I believe I have finally discovered a definite and all-encompassing distinction between the terms "geek" and "nerd". A geek is a person who gets overly fanatical about a certain thing. An obsessor.

Sci-fi geek: Omigod! A boxed set DVD release of a canceled '96 Star-trek spinoff noone has even heard of! All twelve episodes! BUYBUYBUYBUYBUY

A nerd is someone who takes something way more seriously than is normal/intended/generally safe. A reverer.

Fantasy nerd: How DARE you say that The Lord of The Rings wasn't the greatest thing ever produced by humankind! *Punches friend in the face*.

Note that these things can overlap to form a Nerk (or gerd, I suppose). Also note that a dork is merely someone who is not "cool" by society's current standards. Plaid shirts, corny jokes, sandals with socks, the works.
11:50:41 PM Mar 30th 2013
edited by RobinPack
That's hardly a solution. The use of words indicate that this is not the difference. The terms are most often differentiated by that 'nerd' stands for 'intellectual and asocial', while 'geek' stands for 'hardcore fan'.
04:04:15 PM Nov 9th 2015
Geeks have useful skills. You can employ a geek.
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